Preeminent Solutions Attended Jay Fund Foundation Gala

Preeminent Solutions' President, CJ, recently attended a gala in New York City for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation.

The September 2017 gala was hosted to support the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundations’ BE THERE campaign. CJ was among 10 hand-selected customer acquisition professionals chosen to attend. He indicated that Preeminent Solutions’ recent success and growth were the reasons he was selected to take part in this event.

“It was a real honor to be invited to this event,” he said. “The Jay Fund is an amazing organization doing some wonderful work. Going to this gala was a nice opportunity to support the BE THERE campaign that the Jay Fund runs. It was also nice to be hand-selected because it further validates everything we have achieved at Preeminent Solutions.”

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation was formed by football coach Tom Coughlin in honor of a young man, Jay McGillis, who battled leukemia while a member of Coughlin’s Boston College team. Since 1996, the Jay Fund has been helping families dealing with childhood cancer. Their goal is to reduce some of the stresses of such situations so the families can focus on their children’s care.

“The gala was honoring the 2007 Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants,” stated CJ. “Coughlin was their coach at the time. The whole team was there, as well as many other athletes and celebrities. Cancer patients, philanthropists, and others committed to tackling childhood cancer were also honored.”

There was a silent auction at the event, which included sports memorabilia, unique travel experiences, and other valuable items. So far in 2017, the BE THERE fund, which is dedicated to pursuing the Jay Fun mission in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, has raised $1.7 million.

“The Jay Fund has achieved a lot of success with the BE THERE campaign,” CJ added. “They are already 60 percent of the way to the overall goal of raising $10 million. I’m glad those of us at the gala could do our part.”

Preeminent Solutions’ President Discussed Community Service Goals

Giving back to the community has always been a part of the Preeminent Solutions culture, according to CJ. He indicated that they have accomplished a lot with their philanthropic initiatives, thanks to the team’s involvement. The company’s associates get together regularly to identify causes that are meaningful to them and their goals for support.

“We believe we always need to reach for more with all our activities,” CJ said. “By tackling our giving efforts as a group, we get excited for the impact we can have. It is all the more rewarding doing something good as a team.”

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Source: Preeminent Solutions, Inc.