Preeminent Solutions, Inc Celebrates President's Award Win

The Preeminent Solutions, Inc team is happily celebrating the most recent award wins by company President, CJ. He also announced an exciting expansion of the company.

CJ and Preeminent Solutions, Inc have enjoyed a history of continued successes. Over the past few years, CJ has won several awards in his role as President. The most recent, first place in the 2017 customer acquisition industry's Owners Competition, has been particularly exciting for the firm's team. This award was given for being the best-performing team representing Inspire Energy.

"I am so proud to have been given this honor," he said. "There are many hard-working people in this industry. To be recognized among them is a great experience. I could not have achieved this without the support and dedication of my associates. This acknowledgement speaks to how much we have been able to accomplish through our drive and vision."

In addition to this most recent award, CJ won the 2016 Achievement Award for the size and financial success of his company. In the fourth quarter of 2017, he was also recognized for running one of the most profitable firms in the field that quarter. The executives of Preeminent Solutions, Inc are thrilled to see their leader recognized in this manner.

"He is such a hard worker and deserving of every win," one of them said. "We all feel very lucky to be working with someone who has brought so much success to the business. This is a competitive field. So, our President being recognized among all the other people in this space is confirmation of how great a company Preeminent Solutions, Inc is."

Preeminent Solutions, Inc's President Announced Upcoming Expansion

According to CJ, Preeminent Solutions, Inc is ready to expand. A member of the firm's management team, Colin, will be leading the way into Piscataway, New Jersey. This new office will initially be focused primarily on customer acquisition for Inspire Energy.

"I am thrilled about this upcoming expansion," CJ said. "It is an opportunity to raise awareness about one of the key companies in our portfolio in a new market. Colin is a capable manager, who I am sure will achieve a great deal of success in this new office. He will be supported by some of our top leaders to help guarantee a smooth expansion process, and will be hiring passionate individuals to join his team."

CJ indicated that this expansion is another manifestation of the company's success. "It is wonderful whenever we are able to tangibly see the results of our efforts. These awards and now this new office remind us that our dedication and fortitude are completely worthwhile. We have done so much and will continue to succeed into the future thanks to our excellent team."

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