Preeminent Solutions, Inc Expands to Meet Increased Demand

Preeminent Solutions, Inc leaders are making plans to expand the company's East Coast operations in the coming year. Along with the new market and office space, the team will also be seeking additional members.

Successful business leaders like CJ, President of Preeminent Solutions, Inc, are never satisfied with the status quo. He is always looking for ways to develop himself as a professional and support his team members as they reach their potential as well. In 2018, these efforts will pay dividends as the firm will be expanding its operations on the East Coast.

“We and our client, Inspire Energy, have experienced tremendous success in 2017, so we’ve decided to open a new office and expand our operation,” shared CJ. “This by itself is exciting news, but I’m even more excited to announce that the expansion will be led by Colin. He will be promoted from manager to President, and take on the responsibility of getting the new headquarters up and running.”

Seeing Preeminent Solutions, Inc executives achieve their goals is one of the highlights of his career, stated CJ. It means that his plan to create an inspiring and empowering office environment, where success and accomplishment are both encouraged and rewarded, is working. Colin especially has worked hard and made the most of the learning and advancement opportunities at the firm, and CJ is certain that this expansion will be a big win for Colin.

Preeminent Solutions, Inc President Announces Hiring Initiative for New Office

With the increased demand for Preeminent Solutions, Inc’s services, both in the existing office and the new HQ, Colin and CJ will be accepting résumés. This is an exciting time to join the team, and professionals with fresh perspectives and determination will fit in well with the company’s culture. 

“We offer several perks, such as one-to-one coaching, team-building events, and even travel opportunities where we learn from the biggest names in the industry,” declared CJ. “We also promote from within, as Colin has experienced firsthand, and we base our advancement and recognition decisions purely on merit – never seniority or popularity. Anyone can reach any level of our organization they want, if they can produce results. Career-oriented people with a desire to improve themselves and be part of a winning organization will enjoy Preeminent Solutions, Inc.”

The firm’s training program is thorough, providing associates with all the knowledge they need to succeed in this or any other industry. Which makes Preeminent Solutions, Inc a smart choice for recent college graduates or those with an interest in sales and marketing but experience in a different business. For more information or to fill out an application, visit

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