Preeminent Solutions Inc. High Achievers Enjoy Travel Perks

Qualifying associates at Preeminent Solutions Inc. recently received an all-expenses-paid vacation, and attended a networking event. The firm's President considered the value of perks like these to the company's success.

“I completely understand why some companies don’t invest in travel opportunities,” declared CJ, the President of Preeminent Solutions Inc. “Travel costs continue to rise, as do business expenses in general, and it can be hard to quantify the value of a trip. I consider company travel to be a worthwhile investment, though, and I’m proud to offer it as a perk to my team.”

A group of Preeminent Solutions Inc. associates recently enjoyed an all-expenses-paid perk – to Las Vegas, no less! The team members attended an awards ceremony, dinners, and several shows. Just prior to the Vegas trip, there was another excursion: this time to California for a networking conference. CJ noted with excitement that the firm had even more plans to attend similar conferences next year.

“This is a very exciting time to be linked up with Preeminent Solutions Inc.,” CJ asserted. “We are expanding rapidly, and I invite career-oriented professionals with fresh ideas and a winning attitude to apply. Obviously, our perks are fantastic, but so is our commitment to promoting based on merit and our coaching system. For the right person, we represent a phenomenal opportunity.”

How Travel and Corporate Culture Combine at Preeminent Solutions Inc.

The Preeminent Solutions Inc. culture is one of the firm’s defining characteristics, according to CJ. Associates feel supported and empowered, knowing that their efforts will be recognized and rewarded. Travel opportunities like the Vegas trip are tangible and memorable ways to reinforce these core company values.

“There are other ways that travel ties into our culture as well,” CJ shared. “For example, we emphasize both personal and professional development as a way for our teammates to advance their careers and help Preeminent Solutions Inc. hit its operational objectives as well. Business trips support this principle in a direct way by providing our team members with chances to meet and learn from other industry leaders, sharing best practices and learning what works in different regions and with different demographics. However, there are indirect benefits as well, such as the fact that travel of any kind takes people out of their comfort zones and changes their perspectives on the world. I think we function better as a team and a company because of our travel perks, and I hope to offer even more of them in the future.”

About Preeminent Solutions Inc.

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