Preeminent Solutions Preparing for Leadership Conference

The President of Preeminent Solutions, Inc. discussed an upcoming leadership conference and the benefits it will provide for those who attend. He also outlined a few rewards of team travel events.

Venturing out to big industry events is a key facet of the Preeminent Solutions, Inc. training program. CJ, the firm’s President, explained, “We give our associates plenty of chances to expand their horizons through travel perks, including various conferences and retreats. Some of these events combine learning and networking, which is the case for the upcoming Top Leaders Conference in Philadelphia. I’m excited to announce who will be coming with me to this meeting of the best marketing and consulting minds in the business.”

The conference promises to bring together a diverse group of accomplished industry leaders, all of whom bring unique success insights to the table. CJ remarked, “This trip will be a great learning opportunity for our team members. Being around successful people is always an inspiring experience, especially when they have different ways of achieving big wins. I’m sure we’ll come back to the Preeminent Solutions, Inc. office with some fresh ideas on how to streamline our processes.”

Networking will be a point of emphasis throughout the event. “There will be high achievers with lots of experience under their belts in Philadelphia,” CJ noted. “As long as our team members ask open-ended questions and listen intently to everyone they meet, we’ll return home with a long list of new and valuable Preeminent Solutions, Inc. contacts.”

Preeminent Solutions, Inc.’s President on the Many Benefits of Team Travel 

Along with learning and adding new contacts as a group, there are further rewards to be gained from traveling with teammates. CJ explained, “When we send our associates to industry functions, we know they’ll get the chance to learn more about each other as people. By seeing different sides of their personalities, our team members come to appreciate unique talents even more. They also discover shared interests they might not find during the normal course of work. All this adds up to more spirited teamwork back on the job.”

The fresh perspectives that come with team trips are also helpful in maintaining a highly engaged team. “Getting some distance between yourself and your routine can be pretty motivating,” CJ added. “When we get away from Preeminent Solutions, Inc. HQ with our colleagues, we can discuss what’s going well and where we can make improvements. When you can do this while bouncing ideas off other top performers from our industry, it’s even more inspiring.”

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