Preeminent Solutions Speaks at Environmental Awareness Week

One of Preeminent Solutions, Inc.'s associates was a guest speaker at the LADACIN Network's Environmental Awareness Week. The firm's President discussed the importance and power of this kind of public outreach.

Leadership is a Preeminent Solutions, Inc. value that is expressed in the community as well as in the office. For this reason, CJ, the firm’s President, was proud to announce that one of his team members was invited to be a guest speaker at a recent event. Wasif Amin, a recent graduate of Stockton University, was invited by his mother to talk about clean energy and sustainability at LADACIN Network’s Environmental Awareness Week event.

The mission of LADACIN Network, a nonprofit agency, is to meet a broad range of educational, therapeutic, social, and residential needs for infants, children and adults with complex physical and developmental disabilities and/or delays. Wasif’s mother, Mrs. Amin, has been working for LADACIN Network since 2012 as an instructor, and works with upwards of 30 clients, all of whom love her dearly. Mrs. Amin is a Montclair grad, the proud owner of a dog, cat, and three frogs, and loves the beach in the winter time. She’s become quite popular with the Preeminent Solutions, Inc. team as well.

The event took place on July 17, and was a great success. Wasif reported that it felt good to see the appreciative looks on the faces of his listeners, and that he felt confident presenting the material. He credits this to his Preeminent Solutions, Inc. training, noting that as a recent grad, he feels lucky to have found a company where he feels welcome and comfortable.

When Wasif was asked what he would say to new team members who aspire to leadership positions in the organization, and would be interested in representing the company at events, he talked about passion as the greatest part of this whole experience for him was that he wasn’t out there talking about Inspire Energy, or anything that pertained specifically to the firm. He was talking about the environment, and helping people understand climate change – topics that he’s deeply concerned with. He explained that it is a blessing to find a career where he can do something he would do even if he wasn’t getting paid.

Preeminent Solutions, Inc.’s President on the Value of Public Outreach

CJ is very proud of the fact that Preeminent Solutions, Inc. provides outspoken advocates like Wasif the chance to share their knowledge and passion with others, both as part of their job responsibilities and in social outreach events like Environmental Awareness Week. This kind of integrity is rare and valuable in the business world.

It’s important for the team to reflect the company’s mission by being the same person in the office as they are out of it, CJ explained. Consistency and focus shouldn’t stop at home. CJ partnered with Inspire Energy because of shared values, and knew that his team could support their mission without having to change the Preeminent Solutions, Inc. office culture. He takes pride in knowing that the firm helps the younger generation understand the importance of the environment and humanity’s role in the planet’s health.

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