Preeminent Solutions Top Producers Enjoy Exciting Travel

High achievers from Preeminent Solutions, Inc. will be spending a weekend at a leadership and networking conference. The firm's President discussed the importance of this trip and making the most of business travel.

“In our mission to acquire as many customers as possible for Inspire Energy, we focus on building a team of motivated and well-trained professionals,” stated CJ, Preeminent Solutions, Inc.’s President. “Travel perks are strategies we use to make this ambitious goal a reality. By rewarding those who fully commit to helping our company succeed, and investing in their development, we ensure that our culture is both empowering and energizing.”

A good example of this is an upcoming leadership and networking conference in Dallas, Texas. The biggest names in the industry will be in attendance, sharing their knowledge through educational seminars and breakout sessions. What’s more, there will be plentiful networking opportunities.

“We are sending about four or five people from our company to the Dallas conference,” shared CJ. “I know they will take full advantage of this opportunity and hone their networking skills there. I am so grateful that Preeminent Solutions, Inc. provides chances like this for us to get away from the office and travel as a team. We learn a lot about each other while journeying together, and I think it’s unfortunate that more companies don’t provide their people with this perk.”

Preeminent Solutions, Inc. Skills That Make Business Travel Worthwhile

While there is inherent value in any kind of travel opportunity, CJ looks for ways to help his people make the most of business trips like the Dallas conference. For example, events like these present inimitable networking opportunities – and networking is a big part of the Preeminent Solutions, Inc. training program.

“These conferences include hundreds of people, so I want my executives prepared for the scope of this retreat before they get there. That way they’re not overwhelmed by the crowd or the size of the venue,” CJ explained. “In fact, the most important element of our training on networking is this: everyone’s human. Everyone is a little nervous at an event like the Dallas conference, but everyone is friendly as well. If we look at the crowd and remember that it’s made up of kind individuals who are just as nervous and excited as we are, it becomes much easier to strike up pleasant conversations. Then, with the confidence that comes from facing and overcoming such a daunting challenge, my team members become even more self-assured with their networking abilities.” 

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